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Super Size Me is a 2004 American documentary film directed by and starring Morgan Spurlock in which he gets fat and unhealthy by eating an unhealthy diet. Specifically, he ate nothing but meals from McDonald's for thirty days, including "upsizing" whenever the sales staff invited him to (but only when they invited him to). He had to eat every meal on the menu at least once. He dined at McDonald's three times a day, consuming an average of 5,000 kcal per day. This stint lasted from February 1 to March 2, 2003. The result of this experiment was disastrous for his own physical and psychological being.

Because of this experiment, Spurlock gained 24½ lbs., had a 13% body mass increase, his cholesterol level raised to of 230, and he experienced mood swings, sexual dysfunction, and had fat accumulation in his liver. After the experiment, he recovered with a vegan diet his then-future wife prepared for him (she is a gourmet vegan cook).

Spurlock, who had previously paid people to eat disgusting thing for television,[1] said that this experiment was conducted because of the obesity epidemic in the United States and because of a case in which two teenage girls sued McDonald's who claimed they became obese as a result of eating food from McDonald's.

Spurlock also uses this film as a critique of McDonald's and the fast food industry, ranging from the sale of unhealthy food to corporate marketing and to the personal profit of these organizations.

Others, responding to Spurlock's film, decided to undertake their own experiments involving eating all meals at McDonalds but, unlike Spurlock, maintaining their exercise levels and choosing healthier items from the McDonald's menu, and lost weight.[2] [3]


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