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Steven L. Anderson is the senior pastor at Faithful Word Baptist Church, an Independent Baptist congregation in Tempe, Arizona. Anderson describes his style of preaching as "hard preaching," and he adopts a King James only position for his church as well as the usage of "classic hymns." The church website describes the church as "an old-fashioned, independent, fundamental, King James Bible only, soul-winning Baptist church."

Anderson has garnered criticism by the mainstream media for his strong stance against homosexuality, often calling the homosexuals "homos" in his sermons. After the Orlando nightclub shooting, Anderson said that there were fifty fewer pedophiles walking around and claimed that all homosexuals were pedophiles. [1] Unlike other Christians, he said that the ex-gay movement is invalid because homosexuals cannot cease to be homosexual due to "reprobate mind," and seeks instead to kill homosexuals under what Anderson describes as a "righteous government."

Anderson was also brutally injured by border guards when they smashed the windows of his car when Anderson refused to leave his car for it to be searched per his Fourth Amendment rights [2]

A number of Christians have been critical of Anderson over his anti-Semitic comments, calling Jews "Jesus killers." Anderson has specifically called out televangelist John Hagee of San Antonio, Texas, for his views that Jesus Christ not a savior for the Jews.[3]


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