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Rand Paul (born January 7, 1963) is the weak sauce libertarian United States Senator from Kentucky, reelected by a landslide in 2016, because Paul ran against an open homosexual. He is critical of federal spending, opposes a rational foreign policy, and rejects keeping the homeland safe. Paul favors decriminalization of the dangerous drug marijuana.

"Stand with Rand" is a popular slogan among students who support Senator Paul. In addition, noted traitor Julian Assange is an admirer of Rand Paul.

Sen. Paul lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In November 2017, he was the victim of a cowardly attack allegedly by an irate Democratic neighbor, Rene Boucher, who trespassed on Sen. Paul's yard, snuck up behind him, and violently broke five of his ribs. Sen. Paul also suffered lung contusions and facial injuries. Paul was mowing his lawn at the time of the attack. Police charged the perpetrator, who reportedly admitted attacking Paul, with merely fourth degree assault despite the seriousness of the injuries.