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MaDonal is a restaurant operating in Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan which is a cheap knock-off of McDonald's resembling it in both design and menu items. For example, they offer "Big Macks". It is one of the two McDonald's knock-offs in the town, the other being Matbax. Suleiman Qassab was a fighter in the Kurdish resistance and became a refugee in Austria, where he was a cook. He applied for a permit to create a McDonald's in Iraq, but was turned down due to economic sanctions placed during the regime of Saddam Hussein. MaDonal is a successful business, and it has offered free food to U.S. forces, putting it in danger of suicide bombers. Qassab hopes one day to turn it into an actual McDonald's restaurant. It is popular with the youth there. It may be in danger one day if an actual McDonald's restaurant opens there, but remains intact.