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"Conserva"pedia is a liberal wiki founded by RINO and Papist Andrew "Andy" Schlafly. Schlafly founded the wiki as a response to what he saw as liberal bias in Wikipedia, but has had no problem with liberal biases of his own.

"Conserva"pedia is known for removing true conservatives from their site if they espouse views that are consistent with the wishy-washy RINO views of Schlafly. The site promotes neocon nonsense, and they believe in further expanding the bloated military budget. They, therefore promote the liberal homosexual agenda through their ringing endorsements for adulterer Donald Trump despite Trump having paid off a porn star regarding an affair they had.

"Conserva"pedia also promotes false religions, such as the Roman Catholic "Church", Protestantism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Judaism. They are also soft on Islam and are apologists for the liberal former "president" George W. Bush and soft on Barry Soetoro of Kenya.

While claiming to believe Jesus Christ is Lord, they believe in the fake Jesus the papists and "papist-lite" Protestants believe, i.e. the long haired hippie depiction of Jesus.